Sapa minority Peoples
Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups. Most of the minority peoples live in the mountainous areas in the North and central Vietnam. In Sapa, you will see two main ethnic minorities, Hmong and Dao. The minorities keep their traditional clothes, way of life and their own languages, each tribe speaks it own.
H'mong ethnic minority
History: The Black H'mong immigrated from China approximately 300 years ago.

Language: The spoken language belongs to the H'mong - Dao language family.  The H'mong writing was romanized in 1961 but is not widely used today.
Tay ethnic minority
History: The Tay are the earliest known minority in Vietnam, who are thought to have arrived from inland South East Asia about 500 BC. They settled in valleys in the north west part of Sapa.
Ban Ho village, Sapa, Vietnam
From Sapa, you can visit Ban Ho village by cars or better by a SUV, because the road is steep and winding. Ban Ho village is about 10 miles from Sapa, where the Tay people lives. Because of the development and adaptation to the Vietnamese society some of them have started wearing Vietnamese clothing. But most women still wear the traditional checkered head scarf.
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